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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

lessons I've learned from my son

Since our 23 year old son, Thomas. will be leaving for China tomorrow, it seems only fitting to share my thoughts of him.
After spending the past three years working for a non-profit organization, called "Center for Conscience and War", in Washington, D.C., Thomas was left without a job due to shortage of funding.  Fortunately, he was given plenty of time before his job ended to search for another.  During the process he found jobs almost non-existent. This is when he decided to explore the possibility of teaching English as a second language.  That was back in December of 2009. The whole process began with signing up for classes, on-line study and tests in preparation for an assignment thru TESOL.
After leaving D.C. in March,  Thomas then spent two months with a close friend in Dallas while studying for the TESOL exam.  I anxiously waited and observed.  Finally Thomas flew back to Arkansas.  It was wonderful having him at home, helping with the business and of course, just being with us..
The process of reaching the point of preparedness and an assignment finally reached it's final stage.  Tomorrow Thomas boards a plane, which will take him, for the first time, out of the country, to Hengyang, China.  I'm amazed at the calmness and confidence he's displayed throughout this long  process and I'm sure I've been a bit annoying at times...."Thomas, did you do this yet ?"  "Thomas, are you sure you really want to go?"  "Thomas, I think you need to make lists of things to do and take."
    Thank goodness for all the long distance communication options we now have !!  And yes, I  realize that this process of learning was and will always be a partnership between parent and child..  I'm loving the journey.